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Betty White Turns 96!

Today, one of the most popular celebrities alive (who would be more universally liked?), Betty White, turns 96. (more…)
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Moody Blues Singer Ray Thomas Dies @ 76

Ray Thomas, known as a singer, flautist and composer for the British rock band the Moody Blues, died January 4 of prostate cancer at his home in Surrey. He was 76. Thomas, a founding member of the band, composed nearly 30 songs for them, including "Another Morning" and "Twilight Time" on what is considered their…
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GR8ERDAYS Millennial Challenge II: Marlon Who?

Herewith, the second part of my Millennial Challenge, in which you will find a video of millennials telling us what they know about Hollywood greats and a video of them remembering (or misremembering!) TV classics. (more…)
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