GR8ERDAYS Millennial Challenge II: Marlon Who?

Herewith, the second part of my Millennial Challenge, in which you will find a video of millennials telling us what they know about Hollywood greats and a video of them remembering (or misremembering!) TV classics.

If someone who looks like THAT hasn't heard of Brando ...

First up, "Celluloid Sensations":

Marlon Brando

Bette Davis

Sidney Poitier

Charlie Chaplin

Debbie Reynolds

Mae West

Audrey Hepburn

Shirley Temple

Judy Garland

Jane Fonda

This one blew my mind because so few knew even Jane Fonda, let alone Bette Davis. The guy rockin' a Marlon  Brando look while knowing zero about him was also pretty amusing:

Next up,, "Totally Tube-ular," all about TV:

The Golden Girls

The Love Boat


The Jeffersons

Johnny Carson


All in all, some laugh-out-loud funny answers and non-answers, but also quite a few who knew their stuff.

I don't blame millennials. Think about it: Pop culture as we know it is about 100 years old. If you're 50 and a millennial is 20, that means you had a 30-year head start! You had 50 years to look back on, and the rest you were experiencing as it happened, which is a cake walk. They had 80 years to look back on starting at birth, and on top of that, there are exponentially more movies and TV shows and musicians and platforms to distract.

It's not shocking that so few young people know who Brando is, it's shocking that any do.

Let's hope more will find out.

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