Past & Curious: Perry’s Past, Joan Collins Returns, Redford Exits, Jon Peters Causes Problems

Links to our past, in the present ...

It's the end of the world ...(Image via FX)

DLISTED: Joan Collins (b. 1933) is returning to network TV on American Horror Story.

Not exactly a name that inspires admiration anymore ... (Image via screen grab)

NEXT BEST PICTURE: Controversial Hollywood producer Jon Peters (b. 1945) — who was accused of sexual harassment and later surfaced to extol the virtues of Donald Trump (b. 1946) — may be a cog in the wheel that is A Star Is Born's (2018) Oscar march.

TWITTER: Bette Midler (b. 1945) tweeted a video of 74-year-old Toni Basil (she of the 1981 pop hit "Mickey") dancing her ass off, and the hits keep coming' — 1.29 million so far!

Amazing Steve P fan art (Image via fan art)

NYT: Steve Perry (b. 1949) on why he walked away from Journey ... and it wasn't vocal nodules.

Redford in The Old Man & the Gun (Image via Fox Searchlight)

NW TIMES: Screen legend Robert Redford (b. 1936) is retiring from acting, right after this movie is released.

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