Alain Delon: Ready to Die

Alain Delon was one of the silver screen's most breathtaking male beauties, famous for such films as Rocco and His Brothers (1960), Purple Noon (1960) an Le Samourai (1967).

But now? He's 82, embittered and ready to die ...

Pretty jaded (GIF via GIPHY)

The French acting icon has granted a depressing interview with Paris Match in which he says:

I hate the times that we live in, it makes me vomit. There are people that I hate. Everything is false, and only money counts. I will leave this world without regret.

As much of a non-catch as this makes him sound, he still admits there are 10 not-quite-up-to-his-standards women he's seeing, and says he would marry the right woman — if she'd be prepared to die with him!

Of his way with women, he says:

I have been loved all my life. Very few men have been loved like me.

He referenced Mireille Darc (1938-2017) and Romy Schneider (1938-1982), but was careful to underscore the fact that Brigitte Bardot, who just turned 84, never slept with him, calling her a friend only:

Strange though it may seem ... given the torrid scenes we did, we were only friends, but good friends. I really like her and we share a passion for animals. If she had not her great love of animals I am sure she would have killed herself by now, like so many other great sex symbols. It is very hard for a woman to no longer see desire in men's eyes.

With friends like these ... !

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