‘Hart to Hart’: 40 Years On

Just about 40 years after the debut of TV's Hart to Hart (1979-1984) — which bowed on August 25, 1979 — series stars Robert Wagner, 89, and Stefanie Powe√rs, 76, are reminiscing about the hit, their chemistry and some behind-the-scenes secrets.

Couple of detectives (Image via ABC)

Things we learn from their new joint interview:

√ Cary Grant (1904-1986) passed on the role of Jonathan Hart

√ Natalie Wood (1938-1981) passed on the role of Jennifer Hart after her husband had been cast. According to creator Leonard Goldberg (b. 1934), "But there was some feeling that audiences didn't want to see a husband and wife playing a husband and wife. She was a movie star as well." She does appear (in a small part) in the pilot.

Both Harts, in real life, are now way older than Lionel Stander (1908-1994) was as Max in the series! (Image via TV Guide)

√ The script was originally entitled Double Twist

√ Network execs felt the couple should have a baby — or that Jonathan should have an affair! Wagner recalls, "The jealousy was brought up so many times! It was always a fight. But we felt very strongly that our relationship be positive."

√ When Florence Henderson (1934-2016) guest-starred, there was so much laughter they had to shut down the set.

Read the whole piece at TV Insider — it's anything but murder.

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