Dick Van Dyke Craves a Comeback, Jean Smart to ‘Frasier’?, Rick Schroder vs. Costco & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Taking it on the chim. (Image via Disney)

WAPO: Dick Van Dyke is 95 and ... can't wait to get back onstage! “Oh, God, I knew I liked it, but I didn’t know how much I would miss it. I really miss getting up in front of an audience,” says the soon-to-be Kennedy Center honoree. He talks with The Washington Post about his 77-year show-biz career, his debt to Carl Reiner, his belief that his career has been about luck and more.

EXTRATV: So ... would Jean Smart join the Frasier revival?

Rick move (Images via video stills)

BOY CULTURE: Rick Schroder is a bit late to the anti-masker parade, but here he is in California this week badgering a Costco employee, for what it's worth. Where is Joel Higgins when you need him?

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Dolly Parton is kicking off the re-opening of Dollywood, and yes, a special performance was a part of it:

FACEBOOK: Janet Jackson turns 55 today — and she's been in entertainment for about 50 of those years.

Happy birthday! (Images via Facebook)

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