Spacey Comeback WON’T Feature Redgrave, Buy Indy’s Hat & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Vanessa & Franco over 50 years ago, in Camelot (Image via Warner Bros.)

VARIETY: If Franco Nero, 79, couldn't get his own wife — legend Vanessa Redgrave, 83 — to commit to appearing in his pre-ill-fated film, but could get Kevin Spacey ... that is not shaping up to be a must-see. Redgrave has distanced herself from the production after Nero initially blabbed that she was a lock.

NYP: David Duchovny's apartment could be yours — for $7.5M.

Top bids expected ... (Image via Lucasfilm)

THR: Too pricy?! How about $250K for Indiana Jones's hat? That and more are up for grabs at the end of June and early July as part of a massive auction at the Prop Store.

RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH: Former Sen. John Warner (R-Virginia), who served in the Senate from 1979-2009 — and as Elizabeth Taylor's husband from 1976-1982 — has died at 94.

KENNETH IN THE (212): One can never get too much of Carly Simon ... amiright?

BOY CULTURE: Don't miss this pic-packed 86th-birthday tribute to actor Richard (and beefcake star Dick) Harrison!

He was on the right magazine cover! (Image via Adonis)

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