Massive Movie-Still Lot Up for Grabs, ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ Author Dies, James Caan: End of Tweet & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Boris, shirt off (Image via MGM)

VIENNA'S CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD: The late Stanley Simon (who died in 2017 at 71) was an obsessive collector of movie memorabilia, particularly original stills, and particularly stills and ephemera related to classic monster movies like 1933's King Kong. Now, Bonhams is offering his massive collection for sale in chunks, and it includes some truly breathtaking, rare images, in some cases definitive collections of imagery from specific films.

A first edition could set you back thousands of dollars. (Image via World Publishing)

NYT: RIP to Eric Carle, the man who wrote and illustrated 1969's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He had sold over 170 million books in total.

"Hop-Along just keeps trying to hop along!" (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: Jane Seymour fractured a kneecap shooting her new series, Harry Wild:

“I thought I’d break the news to you all, I fell pretty badly on set about a week ago. I’ve got lots of hairline fractures on my kneecap. Got lucky comparatively! In spite of it, I managed to finish the scene and work all week … trying not to hobble. This is acting!”

Here is the link to the actual auction. It also offers a working script of Casablanca (1942) and many fabulous costumes.

She was doing this when AIDS was new. (Image via L.A. CARES)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): The sometimes-forgotten activism of brave lady Zelda Rubinstein, who was born on May 28 (and died in 2010).

TWITTER: A smart-ass on Twitter decided James Caan's account sounded like it must be handled by an intern ... but Mr. Caan snapped back, "Nobody speaks for me. End of tweet."

This was in response to Caan opining on who would go on a rap Mount Rushmore. (Image via Twitter)

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