‘Munsters’ Auction Bonanza, Black Film Archive, ’50s Wilshire Blvd. Revealed & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Dress you up! (Image via Heritage Auctions)

NYDN: The ultimate Munsters auction of our lifetimes is here.

Have a bite! (Image via Criterion)

MSN: Maya Cade's Black Film Archive is a repository for the history of Black film and TV, a comprehensive registry of over 200 Black films from between 1915 and 1979 and can be streamed.

Only 12 minutes of the film had been previously thought to exist. (Image via IDFA)

INDIEWIRE: Would you believe a silent film was just screened 100 years after its first showing? Dziga Vertov's History of the Civil War (1921) was shown once in 1921, and a restored version will screen at the Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (November 17-28).

Ernie LaPointe of South Dakota is Sitting Bull's closest living descendant. (Image via Ernie LaPointe)

NBC NEWS: A living great-grandson of Sitting Bull (circa 1831-1890) has been identified using cutting-edge DNA testing.

YOUTUBE: A remastered look at what it was like to cruise Wilshire Blvd. in the '50s:

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