Richard Thomas on ‘Waltons’ Remake, Bryan Adams Gets COVID Again, ‘The Bad Seed’ 65 Years Later & More

Links the the past, with relevance today:

"I want you to go as quietly as possible ... " (Image via video still)

YOUTUBE: This dollmation of The Birds is pretty amazing!

I love the attention to detail, and Barbie really captures Tippi.

Moreno is one of our most enduring stars! (Image via CBS)

CBS NEWS: Rita Moreno, 89, talks about the first and the new West Side Story — and admits she thought the original would flop! Fascinating sit-down, in which she also talks about how Marlon Brando fell for her — and how she fell under his spell. Still, it was his acting style and inspired her on WSS, an interesting tidbit.

A very Waltons Christmas! (Image via CBS)

PEOPLE: Richard Thomas, 70, recounts his days as John Boy on The Waltons as the show's TV-movie launch is remade for 2021 as The Waltons' Homecoming.

HUFF POST: Rare New England coin from 1652 that was found in a tin of other coins sells for $350K. Turns out it is one of just about a dozen examples thought to exist, and its condition was superb.

NYT: The famous "Afghan Girl" from the cover of a 1985 issue of National Geographic is now an "Italian Girl" — Sharbat Gula has been evacuated from Afghanistan at her request.

EW: Rocker Bryan Adams, 60, has tested positive for COVID-19 for a second time.

INSTAGRAM: Check out what Patty McCormack, the Oscar-nominated star of The Bad Seed (1956) looks like now, as she poses for a pic after only her second NYC stage experience in 70 years!

The seed has sprung up! (Image via Warner Bros.)

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