Liza & Lorna Reminisce, Sondheim on ‘Company,’ Joni Bolts Spotify & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

"She wasn't tragic!" both daughters say of Judy Garland. (Image via video still)

ET: Wow! Liza and Lorna sat down together for the first time in forever to reminisce about their lives with their mother. "I woke up, and there was this woman sitting on my bed, just looking at me," Luft says, remembering the time Marilyn Monroe came into her room to check on her.

Interestingly, they're launching a unisex (!) fragrance that "smells like mama" called Judy — launching in June.

NBC NEWS: The late Stephen Sondheim caught Broadway's latest Company revival and loved how gay it is.

That's the ticket! (Image via CineTeleFilms)

INSTAGRAM: Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn has announced its 2022 lineup.

VARIETY: Music legend Joni Mitchell has joined Neil Young in yanking her work from Spotify in protest of the platform's support of COVID-disinformationalist Joe Rogan: "Irresponsible people are spreading lies." Both Mitchell and Young have a special interest in vaccines — they each had polio as kids.

There aren't two valid sides when it comes to scientific fact. (Image via Reprise)

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