Mindy Cohn on Her South Beach Style, Rolling Stones Duet with Irma Thomas & More

May 3, 2024

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Natalie would! (Image via Apple TV+)

PALM BEACH DAILY NEWS: Mindy Cohen, so fun in Palm Royale, has made the Shiny Sheet ... aka the Palm Beach Daily News. In a new interview, she talks about the hit series at length, and about her character's eye-candy style.

ROLLING STONE: Mick Jagger called out Louisiana's MAGA governor at Jazz Fest, and also brought out Irma Thomas for a duet. Irma originally recorded “Time Is on My Side,” now a Stones staple, over 60 years ago, 1 year before the Stones. Jagger is 80, Thomas is 83.

PEOPLE: Valerie Bertinelli admits Eddie Van Halen was not her soulmate.

NYT: Behind the appraisal wars roiling the estate of the late artist Robert Indiana, whose LOVE sculpture is iconic.

YOUTUBE: A Faye Dunaway commercial shoot from 1996 is going viral.

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