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5 Famous People with 100-Year-Old Parents

Only a few truly famous people, people noteworthy for more than simply longevity, have lived past 100. But there are a number of famous folks past the age of 70 who you may be surprised still have a living parent, all of them 100 or more! (more…)
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Supporting Actress Smackdown: 1944 Edition!

In two weeks, your humble blogger will join Molly Pope, Farran Nehme, Loren King, Mark Harris and host Nathaniel R of The Film Experience for a podcast smackdown pitting the Best Supporting Actress nominees of 1944 against each other! (more…)
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a-ha Takes on ‘Take on Me’

One of the most identifiable #1 hits of the '80s, 1984's "Take on Me" by a-ha was further immortalized in the Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera tune "Feel This Moment" in 2013. Sampling of old songs can sometimes be nice (if you wrote it!), and sometimes not so nice, but either way, how lovely is this…
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