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William Frawley? Don’t Make Me Laugh

Many of us are actively alarmed by the invasion of AI technology, and the possibility it raises of creating entirely false historical narratives. After all, if an engineer and scientist is uncritically sharing this pretty obviously AI-created image/story: This story is fake. This picture is fake. (Image via Twitter) ... where will it end? Nothing…
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Paul Robeson Mural in D.C. Destroyed 1 Week After His Birthday

April 17, 2023 Paul Robeson is an undisputed American icon, and in particular an African-American icon. He was one of the first — if not the first — Black men to cross over as a major star with name recognition among white audiences, and his work in the theater, in films and as an activist…
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‘Variety’ Picks Top 100 Films Ever — Headed Up by ‘Psycho’

The truth hurts. (GIF via GIPHY) Variety, a publication that brags it is as old as the movies, has cooked up a list of the Top 100 Greatest Films of All Time. They report, "[I]n making this list, we wanted to reflect the beautiful, head-spinning variety of the moviegoing experience. We don’t just mean different…
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