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Harry Belafonte, Crossover Icon & Political Activist, Dies @ 96

April 25, 2023 The ultimate stage star (Image via head shot) The loss of Harry Belafonte at 96 is truly the loss of a great figure, not only in entertainment — where his supremacy was the stuff of legend — but also in the field of social justice and civil rights. The Jamaican-American "King of…
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Paul Robeson Mural in D.C. Destroyed 1 Week After His Birthday

April 17, 2023 Paul Robeson is an undisputed American icon, and in particular an African-American icon. He was one of the first — if not the first — Black men to cross over as a major star with name recognition among white audiences, and his work in the theater, in films and as an activist…
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Ed Fury, Sword-and-Sandal Adonis, Dies @ 94

March 6, 2023 Better off Ed (Image by Bob Mizer/AMG) Ed Fury, a physique-model legend and legit movie star in the '60s, died at 94 on February 24, 2023. The sad news of Fury's passing was confirmed by his wife to various friends, who broke the news on social media. Born Rupert Edmund Holovchik…
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