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Janis Paige Recalls Rape Attempt by Alfred Bloomingdale

Janis Paige, the 95-year-old veteran of  stage (The Pajama Game, 1964-1965), screen (Hollywood Canteen, 1944; Of Human Bondage, 1946; Romance on the High Seas, 1948) and TV (All in the Family, 1976; Eight Is Enough, 1977-1980), has come forward with her tale of sexual abuse in Hollywood's Golden Age — and she alleges it was…
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Charo: She’s Still Aquí

Legendary moneymaker-shaker Charo, a no-B.S. virtuoso on the guitar, is ageless. (Kind of literally, since she once had 10 years shaved off her official birth certificate legally, meaning she is currently admitting to being just 66.) (more…)
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5 Famous People with 100-Year-Old Parents

Only a few truly famous people, people noteworthy for more than simply longevity, have lived past 100. But there are a number of famous folks past the age of 70 who you may be surprised still have a living parent, all of them 100 or more! (more…)
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