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‘Taxi’ Reunion Pulls Up to ‘The View’

The View hosted a wonderful and warm reunion of Taxi (1978-1983). Genius show! (Image via NBC) The most surprising thing to me was learning that Carol Kane came so late into the show. I knew she was added, but not so last-minute. It's insane to think this show is 45 years old ... https://youtu.be/sEiMg5sW3F4?si=UvFU7wt3kQ74Bn-L https://youtu.be/BPhI9m9JZkI?si=0mUouOyT-i4WIATD…
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Cheryl Ladd & 28 Other Stars of Chiller Theatre!

Saturday, April 27, was the second day — and first full day — of the spring 2019 installment of Chiller Theatre. While I have a long history of spending way too much money at autograph shows, I have been easing off in recent years — but this one went nuclear on me by hosting Cheryl…
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‘Who’s the Boss?’ & ‘Soap’ Star Katherine Helmond Dies @ 89

Katherine Helmond, five-time Emmy nominee TV fans will always remember as scatter-brained Jessica Tate on Soap and libidinous Mona Robinson on Who's the Boss? has died. Helmond with her younger hubby, David Christian, circa 1977 (Image via After Dark) She was 89. THR reports Helmond died February 23 at home in Los Angeles. The cause is reportedly Alzheimer's disease…
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