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Thank You for Being a Rose Nylund Ornament

Who says 2020 is the worst f*cking year ever in recorded history?! It can't be, now that Hallmark has debuted an official Golden Girls Rose Nylund holiday ornament! Looking more like Betty White than Inga Swenson ever did (she played her sister ... 'member?), this fetching little hanger-on, designed by Gregor Benedetti, plays quotes made…
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10 Ultimate Classic Games & Toys, ’60s-’80s

What you played with as a child shaped who you are today. I know this is true because I approach every dilemma as if I'm in a Choose Your Own Adventure Book, or as if I am wending my way through the Ravenloft module of Dungeons & Dragons. Following are some '70s and '80s toys…
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