Gordon Thomson of ‘Dynasty’ on Joan, John, Being Outed & #MeToo

March 13, 2024

Gordon Thomson, who played devilish Adam Carrington on Dynasty, is opening up in a wide-ranging new interview about his time on the show — and his own #MeToo moment from before his debut on the series.

Gordon in 2011 (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Interestingly, he talks about how great and professional Joan Collins was, but also points out that she made a pass at him, telling him she had feelings for him that were "far from maternal."

Dashing on Ryan's Hope (Image via ABC)

Best of all, though their relationship started out frostily — she found him far too old to play his son — she wound up respecting him as an actor, something he cherishes.

It was his days on the stage, back in the '60s, when he found he had to fend off the advances of an artistic director with power over him — and he names the offender as Robin Phillips (1940-2015), who he calls "horrible," albeit talented.

Gordon says he learned a lot about himself when he refused to sleep with Phillips to get ahead.

He also learned a lot about himself when he was inadvertently outed by a journalist. And yes, he still holds a grudge.

Also, don't miss his comments about this killer scene from 1982 with Lurene Tuttle (1907-1986):

Great interview via Celebrity Drop:

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  1. Happy belated birthday Adam.

  2. Happy belated birthday Gordon.

  3. What a really nice guy! Thanks for posting this. He’s really down to earth and has had a much bigger career than I knew.

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