‘Airplane!’ Soundtrack Coming in for a Landing, Clint Eastwood Sighting & More

April 16, 2024

Links to the past, with relevance today:

I'm hoping there will be a sale at Penney's! (Image via Rusted Wave)

RUSTED WAVE: The full Airplane! The Soundtrack! will be available for the first time ever Saturday, April 20, for Record Store Day. The Elmer Bernstein score will be on red vinyl.

PEOPLE: O.J. Simpson's executor had to walk back his vile comments that the Goldmans would never get a dime from his late client's estate.

POLITICO: RIP ex-Sen. and ex-Gov. Bob Graham of Florida, 87.

EW.com: While praising his skills, Katie Couric recalls Bryant Gumbel's blatant sexism when it came time for her to take maternity leave.

OLDIES VIBE OFFICIAL: Great account devoted to acts of the '80s!

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Clint Eastwood, 93, appears to be winding down.

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