Charo: She’s Still Aquí

Legendary moneymaker-shaker Charo, a no-B.S. virtuoso on the guitar, is ageless. (Kind of literally, since she once had 10 years shaved off her official birth certificate legally, meaning she is currently admitting to being just 66.)

Now, the pop legend — heavy accent on legend — has posed for Michael Freeby to raise awareness for the charity Kids Beating Cancer.

In case you're wondering, that's the charity's mascot Bunky the Bear in those snaps with the woman everyone dreams of encountering on The Love Boat.

{All images by Michael Freeby)

Keeping busy always, Charo's new single "Fantastico" from her upcoming album Guitar on Fire is out now. I'm looking forward to the album — her last one, Guitar Passion, won a Grammy.

Face it — Charo is eternally cuchi-cuchi-cool!


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