Happy Marlene Dietrich Day: 10 Must-See Movies

One of my all-time favorites, the legendary, lovely ... Marlene Dietrich is today's Google Doodle. She was born 116 years ago today, and died in 1992.

I bought her live album on vinyl when I was in college. (Is that what they meant by "college music"?) and was obsessed with the documentary "Marlene" (see it!). Her films played the U of C film center and I ate up as many as I could.

"Morocco" mama (Image via Paramount)

10 Dietrich Must-Sees:

"Morocco" (1930) — Such a gentleman!

White-"Hot Voodoo" (GIF via Paramount)

"Blonde Venus" (1932) — Cultural appropriation nightmare, but who can forget the blonde afro?! The ape suit?!

Better "The Devil" (GIF via Paramount)

"The Devil Is a Woman" (1935) — Not a title that would pass muster today.

Smokin' (GIF via Universal)

"Destry Rides Again" (1939) — Go see what the boys (in the back room will have). Her delivery!

Stranger on a train (GIF via Paramount)

"Shanghai Express" (1932) — It'll hook ya.

The whole truth (GIF via UA)

"Witness for the Prosecution" (1957) — Her best performance. Who knew she could act? (We did.)

With Spencer Tracy (1900-1967) (Image via UA)

"Judgment at Nuremberg" (1961) — Brimming with star discourse, and a terrific film with or without Dietrich.

Puff piece (GIF via Universal)

"Touch of Evil" (1958) — Such a fun movie and role. She was never truly used correctly ... or at least wholly.

Hats on to you, Marlene! (GIF via Paramount)

"The Scarlet Empress" (1934) — Expressionist yourself!!!

There must be an angle, and it's playing with my heart ... (GIF via Paramount)

"Desire" (1936) — Imagine Dietrich and Cooper's sex tape?

(Image via Futura Film)


"Marlene" (1984) — She was fascinatingly remote (you never see her, only hear her speak) in this genius documentary, which should have won the Oscar. "Kitsch! Kitsch! Kitsch!"??? I think not, Fräu·lein.

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