Petula Clark Sings ‘Downtown’ at 85 in NYC

The indomitable Petula Clark has been touring the U.S. on a limited run, and if you thought her being 85 years old (how?!) would have slowed her down or muted her pop perfection, you were wrong.

"Downtown" diva (Image via Twitter @PetulaClarkHQ)

Check out Kenneth in the (212)'s review of Petula at B.B.King near Times Square here.

From his mini review:

Hard to put into words how much I adore Petula Clark. I remember hearing “Downtown” with my mom in the car after Christmas shopping at Fiesta Mall in 1979 and thinking how I too wanted to live where the “lights were much brighter.” (I did it!) This legendary octogenarian put on quite a show at B.B. King tonight, perhaps rivaled only by the eccentric group of fans who came to adore her ...


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