Stars Turning 80 in 2018!

I've already clued you in on who would've turned 100 this year (including two alive to do so!) and those turning 90.

This list is Diana Rigg-ed!

Now, check out this list of celebs who hit the big 8-0 in 2018 — and quite a few who just didn't make it:

Hoyt Axton (1938-1999)

Hoyt Axton (b. March 25)

Diane Baker worked with Joan Crawford (circa 1905-1977), who never asked her for an ax.

Diane Baker (b. February 25)

The work of Ralph Bakshi

Ralph Bakshi (b. October 29)

Paul Bartel (1938-2000) with Mary Woronov (b. 1943)

Paul Bartel (b. August 6)

Bauchau in 2007's Boy Culture

Patrick Bauchau (b. December 6)

Paul Benedict (b. September 17) — pic at Sherman Hemsley

Quirky power couple Benjamin & wife Paula Prentiss both hit 80

Richard Benjamin (b. May 22)

This character actor, Jason Bernard, was everywhere! Did you know he was dead? (1938-1996)

Jason Bernard (b. May 17)

Richard Beymer, the boy who just met a girl ...

Richard Beymer (b February 20)

I've got Judy covered!

Judy Blume (b. February 12)

A familiar old 'Newhart face

Peter Bonerz (b. August 6)

What ever happened to Victor Buono? He died in 1982.

Victor Buono (b. February 3)

Byner as a pet evangelist

John Byner (b. June 28)

Canary was a Bonanza (1967-1973) and soap star

David Canary (b. August 25)

Claudia Cardinale, a rich man's poor man's Sophia Loren

Claudia Cardinale (b. April 15)

The poet and short-story writer died in 1988 of lung cancer.

Raymond Carver (b. May 25)

By land, and by see, Mary Jo offered Pearls of wisdom

Mary Jo Catlett (b. September 2)

Bet you never pictured this guy hitting 80!

Tommy Chong (b. May 24)

The handsome talk-show host was on top of the world, but ran into bad luck, dying in 2012, two years before wife Mary Ann Mobley (1937-2014)

Gary Collins (b. April 30)

The handsome '70s and '80s actor was in everything, and starred in three TV series.

Frank Converse (b. May 22)

Ronny Cox (b. July 22)

Billy Davis Jr. (b. June 26)

The esteemed actor has been a success on the stage, on TV and in the movies.

Brian Dennehy (b. July 9)

Ron Ely — he Tarzan, you drool.

Ron Ely (b. June 21)

Bob Eubanks (b. January 8)

The handsome TV actor died in 2012

James Farentino (b. February 24)

Connie Francis (b. December 12)

Leonard Frey (b. September 4) — pic at Reuben Greene

What a great gig he had in his 70s!

Jonathan Goldsmith aka The Most Interesting Man in the World (b. September 26)

Elliott Gould (b. August 29) — pic under Natalie Wood

Stars of the film The Boys in the Band (1970) Leonard Frey (1938-1988) and Reuben Greene; only Greene will see 80, as Frey succumbed to AIDS, like much of the rest of the cast.

Reuben Greene (b. November 24)

Sacred Hart — the bikini beach movie starlet, pictured with Elvis (1935-1977), retired to become a nun!

Dolores Hart (b. October 20)

Neither Jeffersons star — Hemsley (1938-2011) or Paul Benedict (1938-2008) — made it to 80.

Sherman Hemsley (b. February 1)

The openly gay actor Derek Jacobi is still working — and still working it!

Derek Jacobi (b. October 22)

The "At Last" icon passed away in 2012.

Etta James (b. January 25)

The beloved newscaster died of lung cancer in 2005.

Peter Jennings (b. July 29)

Jack Jones (b. January 14)

Try explaining Evel Knievel (who died in 2007) to kids today!

Evel Knievel (b. October 17)

This character really sucked.

Frank Langella (b. January 1)

You must remember Tom Lester — still with us! — from Green Acres (1965-1971)?!

Tom Lester (b. September 23)

Rich with Miss Piggy

Rich Little (b. November 26)

Why do they all stop and talk with him?! It never ends well!

Doug Llewelyn (b. November 26)

It takes a genius to play this dumb this well!

Christopher Lloyd (b. October 22)

Darlene Love (b. July 26)

Director Morrissey, Michael Auder (b. 1945) & Andy Warhol (1928-1987)

Paul Morrissey (b. February 23)

The Magnum, P.I. (1980-1988) star was quite a hunk ...

Roger E. Mosley (b. December 18)

That regal gaze ...

Diana Muldaur (b. August 19)

Mr. Petrocelli (1974-1976)

Barry Newman (b. November 7)

Nico (b. October 16)

Nureyev (who died in 1993) as seen in a Jurgen Vollmer (b. 1939) image from 1st Dibs

Rudolf Nureyev (b. March 17)

One of our greatest authors

Joyce Carol Oates (b. June 16)

Paula Prentiss (b. March 4) — pic at Richard Benjamin

Charley Pride (b. March 18)

The intense actor passed away in 1999.

Oliver Reed (b. February 13)

Nasty film reviewer Rex Reed back when he was a bad actor in Myra Breckinridge (1970)

Rex Reed (b. October 2)

La divina — Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg (b. July 20)

Rivero, an iconic Mexican hunk and actor

Jorge Rivero (b. June 15)

Your love for Kenny Rogers will turn you around.

Kenny Rogers (b. August 21)

The Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) vixen died in 2011.

Tura Satana (b. July 10)

The glam international actress died in 1982.

Romy Schneider (b. September 23)

The New Wave actress died by her own hand in 1979.

Jean Seberg (b. November 13)

The Jamaican-American actress died in 1995.

Madge Sinclair (b. April 28)

The Fresh Off the Boat actress has a long, long career behind her — and hopefully ahead of her, too!

Lucille Soong (b. August 15)

Terence Stamp has been one of our most esteemed actors since his debut, in 1962's Billy Budd

Terence Stamp (b. July 22)

Stevens in a scene from Hawaiian Eye (1959-1963) with Robert Conrad (b. 1935)

Connie Stevens (b. August 8)

The delicious Stella Stevens

Stella Stevens (b. October 1)

Little Susan Strasberg (who died of breast cancer in 1999) with William Holden (1918-1981) and Cliff Robertson (1923-2011) in 1955's Picnic

Susan Strasberg (b. May 22)

The TV actor was red-hot in The Invaders (1967-1968).

Roy Thinnes (b. April 6)

The colorful CNN founder changed the news — forever.

Ted Turner (b. November 19)

The muse of Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007) has aged beautifully if you've seen recent pics.

Liv Ullmann (b. December 16)

Controversial director Verhoeven has given us everything from high art to was he HIGH?!

Paul Verhoeven (b. July 18)

Her Arbus (1923-1971) pics almost sank New York Magazine. Don't miss this juicy 2017 piece on Viva, now a granny!

Viva (b. August 23)

What the Buck?

Jon Voight (b. December 29)

Sue me, but I liked Ginger and Mary Ann both! Fun new Dawn Wells story here.

Dawn Wells (b. October 18)

Williams has been around forever — surprised he's 80?

Hal Williams (b. December 14)

The footbal pro-turned-actor was consistently sexualized in his movies — and even posed nude in Playgirl.

Fred Williamson (b. March 5)

Bill Withers (b. July 4)

One of the most famous DJs of all time, he died in his wife arms the moment he returned home from a trip promoting his memoir.

Wolfman Jack (b. January 21)

Gould & Wood (1938-1981) aka Carol & Ted

Natalie Wood (b. July 20)

The Peter of Peter, Paul & Mary

Peter Yarrow (b. May 31)


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