Scotty Bowers’s Wife Lois Dies @ 85

Legendary Hollywood pimp and hustler Scotty Bowers's wife, Lois, a huge part of the recent documentary of his life, has passed away. (Main image by Alan Mercer)

Scotty with Lois (Image via Greenwich)

She was 85.

Smith's death has not been formally announced, but I have confirmed it, with no details as to the cause.

Bowers, 95, married Lois, a jazz singer, in 1984 after the death of a common-law wife he'd been with for decades, and after the death of his only child, a daughter who died following a botched abortion.

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Lois was far more conservative than her free-wheeling husband, noting in the film Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood (2017) that she hadn't known the extent of his activities — he has claimed to have had sex with everyone from Bette Davis to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Cary Grant, and to have provided Katharine Hepburn with 150 women over time — and didn't want to know more.

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While she expressed discomfort with her husband's take on sex, her affection for him is also sincere in the film, humanizing a man who otherwise could have come off as a bit of a sex robot.

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  1. Rest in peace Lois. You were a wonderful woman, and I loved to hear you sing. My deepest condolences to Scotty.

  2. Dear Mr. Bowers, I just finished watching your Documentary and was googling more information about you and saw that your wife, Lois has passed. I just wanted to offer my condolences. She had a very lovely voice.

  3. I myself just finished watching the documentary. It ended with me wanting to know more! I think you Scotty are an amazing human being. I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful wife’s passing. I would love to hear more about your life and how you made so many people happy. You are an truly an amazing man!

  4. I just had watched the tv documentary. First I’m so sorry to hear that Lois passed. I wanted to hear her sing!!!! What a beautiful soul she had and you two made a beautiful couple my condolences scotty

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