Past & Curious: Madonna Redux, Cicely Tyson’s Honor & More!

Links to the past with relevance today ...

Beauty marks the spot! (Image via Shane Marais)

SHANE MARAIS: Every time Madonna (b. 1958) appeared in the British teen bibles Smash Hits and No. 1 in the 1980s — every appearance!

THE GRAPEVINE: Cicely Tyson, 93, was finally handed a damn Oscar! She received an honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards Sunday evening, making her the first black actress to receive an honorary Oscar. Long overdue!

Real quote from Hasbro: "We think the game is 'lit.'" (Image via Hasbro)

VOX: Hasbro is trolling millennials with its Millennial Monopoly, which isn't about making money but about enjoying experiences ... and avocado toast. The game retails for $19.82 (1982 is the year the first millennials were born) at Walmart, and is sold out.

What about Bob? (Image via CBS)

EXTRATV: Former The Price Is Right host Bob Barker, 94 — who hosted the show from 1972-2007 — has been hospitalized for a second time in a month due to excruciating back pain.

Joan Crawford (1905-1977) checking in to Grand Hotel (1932) (GIF via GIPHY)

THE FILM EXPERIENCE: Remembering the 1932 Oscars, the last one held in November.

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