Past & Curious: Fitness Flashback, Debbie’s ‘High Times’ & More!

Links to the past with relevance today:

I'm a reader. (Image via S&S)

BOY CULTURE: A loving reminiscence of the work of Charles Hix (b. circa 1942) and the late Ken Haak (1923-1991).

And if Colman and Yalitza water you down and Gaga wins? (GIF via GIPHY)

THE FILM EXPERIENCE: At 71, Glenn Close is eighth-oldest nominee for Best Actress ... ever. She is now also the most-nominated actress who has never won (yet). More amazing Oscar trivia at the link!

PEOPLE: Robert Redford, 82, unloads his "picture-perfect" Napa Valley estate for a cool $7 million.

TWITTER: A Twitter user had Chris Stein (b. 1950) of Blondie going when he insisted a 40-year-old image of Debbie Harry (b. 1945) suggested that Harry was copying Charlie Theron (b. 1975). It turned out to be tongue-in-cheek ... right?! Right?!

The African/Elvis line gave it away. (Image via Twitter)

TOWLEROAD: Anna Wintour (b. 1949) throws her support behind the push to rename an arena originally named for homophobic tennis icon Margaret Court (b. 1942).

Courting controversy (Image via video still)

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