Past & Curious: Heartthrob Flashbacks, Moreno Denies Plastic Surgery & More!

Links to the past with relevance today ...

Stop giving him grief! (GIF via FOX)

EW: Brian Austin Green, 45, is defending himself over complaints that he posted no public tribute to his late friend Luke Perry, who died March 4 at 52 after suffering a massive stroke. People grieve differently. Get a grip, "fans."

Smith (L) & Maharis (R) (Images via TV's Top 10)

POSEIDON'S UNDERWORLD: Delving into a 1961 issue of TV's Top 10, and discovering much to admire about George Maharis (b. 1928), Gardner McKay (1932-2001) and Roger Smith (1932-2017) — among many others!

Con air about him (Image via HBO)

THR: RIP George Morfogen, a theater vet who popped up in a slew of films by Peter Bogdanovich (b. 1939). He passed away a week ago Friday at 86. You may also recall him as the somewhat mystical convict Bob Rebadow in Oz (1997-2003).

Hm. Not even the eyes? The nose? Nothing? (Images via head shot/video stills)

CLOSER: Rita Moreno, 87, denies ever having had any plastic surgery.

INDEPENDENT: An expert unpacks why you're probably doing a grave disservice to the accusers of Michael Jackson (1958-2009) if you're smearing them as liars for these reasons.

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