Julie Newmar Unveils 86th B’Day Snap

Lovely Julie Newmar (b. 1933) has many accomplishments under her dancing belt, chief among them her electrifying turn as Stupefyin' Jones in Li'l Abner (1956 Broadway, 1959 film), a 1958 Tony for her performance in The Marriage-Go-Round, early-TV fame as Rhoda the Robot on My Living Doll (1964-1965) and notoriety as Catwoman on Batman (1966-1967).

Living doll! (Image by Sean Black)

Now, less than two days before turning 86, she's unveiled a birthday portrait that is instantly legendary in its own right!

Olivia forever! (Image via Instagram)

"Let's celebrate the best in others and who we really are," she wrote in posting the image, which was shot by Sean Black. Newmar posted that she drew her inspiration from indomitable Olivia de Havilland, who celebrated turning 103 in July with an image off herself riding a bicycle.

Long live leggy legends? Check and double-check!

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  1. Where was this photo taken?

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