Monthly Archives: March 2020

And Scene: James Lipton Dies @ 93

It's not clear how many fans of the eternal Bravo (and later Ovation) series Inside the Actor's Studio (1994-2020) realized how advanced in years creator and host James Lipton was — he had an ageless, yet wizened, quality in his role as the ultimate actor whisperer. James Lipton (September 19, 1926-March 2, 2020) (Image via…
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Remembering Karen Carpenter on Her 70th

Karen Carpenter, the velvet-voiced girl-next-door lead "sister" of the duo the Carpenters, was born March 2, 1950 — meaning today would have been her 70th birthday. Tragically, she struggled her whole life with disordered eating, succumbing to a heart attack at just 32 in 1983, a side effect of her anorexia nervosa. Often pegged…
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