John Tesh the Twitter Expat, ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Say You, Say Me’ Memories & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Wait, so right-wingers aren't vicious? (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Is there something inherently conservative about reporting entertainment news? Do many of the reporters have a contempt for celebrity that goes hand-in-glove with tear-down gossip? Just wondering, because not only is former Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart, 70, full MAGA, to the extent she has spoken at events for Trump, but former ET host John Tesh, 68, just left Twitter for Parler because, y'know, Twitter just isn't conservative enough.

Hers was a real-life Imitation of Life (Image via head shot)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOW, PLEASE!): Check out some footage of the long-forgotten Dona Drake (1914-1989), a Black actress, singer and dancer who passed for non-Black, married designer Travilla (1920-1970) and died in obscurity.

(Image via Motown)

STEREOGUM: A loving look back at Lionel Richie's (b. 1949) bizarre #1 hit (his last #1 so far), "Say You, Say Me" (1985).

The best part about "Say You, Say Me" was when Gene Kelly (1912-1996), Debbie Reynolds (1932-2016) and Donald O'Connor (1925-2003) reunited in raincoats to hand Lionel his Oscar (!!!) for the song:

NYT: Speaking of Debbie Reynolds, her heroic history as a movie-costume conservator is finally getting its due!

EXTRATV: The man alleged to have sucker-punched Rick Moranis, 67, has been arrested in NYC.

EW: Imagine feeling GUILT over the amazing 1993 sketch in which Chris Farley (1964-1997) introduced Matt Foley, who lived in a van down by the river???

It's been 30 years?! (Image via 20th Century Fox)

THR: Thirty years after Home Alone (1990) became a smash, Senta Moses Mikan, 47, remembers the making of the instant classic:

"Joe [Pesci] tried really hard not to drop F-bombs in front of us kids," she says.  "Sometimes he’d slip — and we thought it was hysterical, because, well, we were kids. But Chris [Columbus] gave him an alternate word to use around us. I think it was 'fridge.' I remember him being kind of goofy, always using his tongue to mess with his gold tooth in between takes," Mikan recalls.

ITV: Joan Armatrading, 69, rarely speaks for this long — check out her long interview with ITV about her illustrious career:

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