Julie Andrews on Christopher Plummer, RIP Leon Spinks & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

The eternal dance (GIF via GIPHY)

TODAY: Julie Andrews is remembering her The Sound of Music co-star Christopher Plummer, who died this week at 91. She said, in a statement:

"The world has lost a consummate actor today and I have lost a cherished friend. I treasure the memories of our work together and all the humor and fun we shared through the years. My heart and condolences go out to his lovely wife Elaine, and his daughter Amanda."

Remarkably productive past 80 (Image via Facebook)

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Tom Jones tells fans his new album, Surrounded by Time, was made to reflect true-life experiences and to celebrate his 80th year.

BOY CULTURE: Fabian Forte is 78 years young! Check out a full gallery of his hotness.

NYT: Whatever happened to the half-slip?

EXTRATV: Former heavyweight champ Leon Spinks, whose 1978 win over Muhammad Ali was one of boxing's all-time greatest upsets, has died at 67 following a five-year prostate cancer battle.

His smile was his trademark — even without teeth. (Image via SI)

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