Fonda Swears Off Sex, Shatner’s Embarrassed to Be 90, RIP Larry McMurtry & More

Links the past, with relevance today:

Raising the Barbarella (Image via Harper's Bazaar)

HARPER'S BAZAAR: Jane Fonda, at 83, is as slinky and fit as ever — and more importantly, she is mentally astute and more outspoken than most public figures allow themselves to be, putting her money where her mouth is. As her new cover story for Harper's Bazaar proves, she is nowhere near slowing down — even if she does cop to thinking she is done with sex ... forever!

P.S. This isn't meant to be about pitting women against each other like a pageant, and is meant more to point out how radically differently we view aging today — but Ruth Gordon was 83 in 1979's Boardwalk:

The Ruth about aging (Image via Atlantic Releasing Corporation)

BOY CULTURE: Sexy-ing things up with a gallery devoted to hairy wonder James Caan — who turned 81 this week.

The epitome of cool (GIF via GIPHY)

THE FILM EXPERIENCE: Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of French great Simone Signoret.

McMurtry wrote the book on writing books. (Image via Pocket Books)

NYT: Novelist Larry McMurtry has died at 84.

THR: The unwatchable, how-is-this-a-classic classic Breakfast at Tiffany's — which ditches a gay character and features Mickey Rooney's excruciatingly racist Asian tomfoolery — is one old movie that I wouldn't mind seeing remade. However, plans to do just that have resulted in a $20M copyright suit.

FOX NEWS: William Shatner, appearing in the new flick Senior Moment, is somehow 90 years old (he looks nowhere near it) — and he's admitting it's a little embarrassing! "It's a bit embarrassing," he confides. "It is! I mean, my God! Who wants to be 90? I don't wanna be 90 — but I'm 90."

Ninety? I don't see it. (Image via video still)

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  1. Excellent reporting wish you could have written more about Jane Fonda shes one of my favs. Really and truly hard to believe William Shatner is 90! Good for him!
    Wish I looked as good at my age…70!

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