Eastwood’s New Flick at 91, Sally Struthers on ‘All in the Family’s’ Legacy & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

The whales of July (Image via Warner Bros.)

EW: Pretty incredible that at 91, Clint Eastwood is still directing and starring in movies, including his newest — Cry Macho, a road-trip western set in the '70s. He is in spitting distance of the age (93) at which Lillian Gish was when she shot The Whales of August (1987). While Clint's been around forever and certainly is old, I can't, in my mind, think of him as being quite so remarkably antique, like a fluke of nature, as Gish seemed in 1987.

Do NOT miss this fun TV interview, either! (Image via Studio 10)

CLOSER: Sally Struthers speaks at length about her time on All in the Family, including the casting process, how the cast really got along and whether she watches the show today. Regarding the show's iconic status:

“I knew it the day my daughter was in her room writing a report, using the Encyclopedia Britannica. She screamed from her room and said, 'Mom, come in here!' She had the encyclopedia opened to the letter 'T' on her desk. Under the word 'television' was a picture of the All in the Family cast. That’s when you say, 'Wow!'”

Released! (Image via BarbraStreisand.com)

BARBRASTREISAND.COM: The great Barbra Streisand is celebrating her new album Release Me 2, filled with choice cuts. One song was recorded 50 years ago but only mixed this year.

INSTINCT: Cher's old disco-era classics are getting a new life.

INSTAGRAM: Happy birthday (110) to Lucille Ball, wherever you are ...

TWITTER: Billy Connolly is recording his memoir — and talking about s-e-x:

By the way, his wife the "sexologist" is Pamela Stephenson, who before her career in psychology was an '80s SNL cast member.

TWITTER: Eric Idle had a frustrated, then funny exchange regarding the exploitation of Monty Python rights (around the same time he was fielding questions about why there is no Spamalot movie), that ended with this pithy observation:

He's a premium Pythoner. (Image via Twitter)

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