Tom Hanks Tears Up Remembering Peter Scolari, Paul Newman Memoir, Garrett Morris on Racism at ‘SNL’

Links to the past, with relevance today:

The book is said to be candid about his personal demons. (GIF via GIPHY)

INQUIRER.NET: Shocker — a memoir written by the late Paul Newman (1925-2008) in the '80s as a counter to tabloid rumors has been discovered. Though he never published it, he worked on it with screenwriter Stewart Stern before shelving it. It was discovered at the home he shared with Joanne Woodward (now 91 and said to be suffering from Alzheimer's disease), and the family approved publication by Knopf, which will offer the as-yet-untitled book in the fall of 2022.

YOUTUBE: Tom Hanks tears up remembering his longtime friend and Bosom Buddies co-star Peter Scolari on Jimmy Kimmel Live, going into their working experience at length:

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Tragedy at the new ABBA show — two die in fall.

VARIETY: Bruce Springsteen is on his way to selling his entire album catalogue and publishing to Sony Music.

Morris's SNL days were always about race — sometimes to great effect, but behind the scenes? Not so much. (Image via video still)

THR: Garrett Morris speaks out about battling racism while on SNL:

"I was a little disappointed in Michael O’Donoghue. Because he was associated with National Lampoon, I made some progressive assumptions I shouldn’t have made. He was a racist motherfucker. I suggested I could play in this skit, a doctor. He had the nerve to tell me, 'Garrett, people would be thrown by a Black doctor.' Mind you, this is 1975. I was raised in New Orleans, where not only did I see loads of Black medical doctors but loads of Black Ph.D.s. I was thoroughly disappointed that a man who was associated with the Lampoon should be this way. So once or twice, he and I did some stuff together, but I always knew what he really was."

NYT: RIP Pat Martino, jazz guitarist.

HUFF POST: Prince Andrew will likely stand trial for sexual assault in 2022.

BOY CULTURE: A b'day tribute to Dolph Lundgren.

This gallery packs a punch! (GIF via GIPHY)

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