Missing O’Jays Musician’s Remains IDed, Siedah Garrett on Queen & King of Pop & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Found: Frankie Little Jr. (Image via Twinsburg Police Dept.)

EW: Forty-year-old partial human remains found in a bag behind a business have — thanks to DNA technology — been identified as belonging to an original O'Jays member, missing all this time.

Garrett has sung with the King and Queen of Pop! (Image via video still)

ROLLING STONE: Singer Siedah Garrett raves about her time with Madonna ("She was awesome, and she was stunning. No makeup. Straight-up beautiful. She was ridiculously youthful and gorgeous. And she was fun to sing with. She appreciated good singers, so she let me and the other singers do our thing.") and Michael Jackson ("Quincy Jones put Michael friggin’ Jackson on the phone! I don’t know about you, but when I was coming up, Michael Jackson was my husband. My cousin had Tito. Another had Jermaine. Michael was my husband.").

BOY CULTURE: Take a moment to reflect as you look through my list of hundreds of names of celebrated (and some reviled) figures who we lost in 2021.

AP: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is sullying his late father's legacy by becoming a for-profit anti-vaxxer — and he has taken his crusade global.

Wilder days (Image via video still)

BRIAN FERRARI: A fuller appreciation of the unfairly nearly forgotten Yvonne Wilder.

PEOPLE: Holly Madison recounts "traumatic" group sex with Hugh Hefner after their first date.

NYT: Riffing on the new film Nightmare Alley (a remake of the 1947 classic), Brooks Barnes writes in The New York Post about his own childhood 30+ years ago as the son of carnies.

Carnivals were a large part of his identity. (Image via Brooks Barnes)

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