Joan Collins Rocks Bikini at 89, Madonna Revisits ‘Material Girl’!

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Dynasty of 1 (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: She's older than Jessica Tandy was when she won her Oscar, and older than Gloria Stuart when she appeared in Titanic, but you can't keep a glamour gal down: Joan Collins posts bikini pic at 89.

The video should include Keith Carradine again! (Image via Rhino)

SPOTIFY: Speaking of which, Madonna has cleverly updated her 1985 #2 smash "Material Girl" with a major assist from Saucy Santana. This is really fun!

A young mom gave her followers a Woody! (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Woody Harrelson embraces his look-alike!

NYT: Irving Berlin's daughter dies at 95.

INSTAGRAM: A salute to eternally hot John Saxon.

But does he? (GIF via GIPHY)

BONUS: Guess who this guy is?! ANSWER HERE.

Guess who? (Image via headshot)

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