Depeche Mode on the Road, Wynonna on Mom Naomi Judd’s Deathwish, RIP ‘Odd Couple’ GF & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

I hope they never let me down again! (Image via

CLASSIC POP: New album and world tour for Depeche Mode.

She was Dr. Nancy Cunningham. (Image via ABC)

INSTAGRAM: RIP Joan Hotchkis, who has died at 95. You'll probably best remember her as Oscar's sometimes girlfriend on The Odd Couple (1971).

PEOPLE: Wynonna Judd says her mom Naomi was equally determined to die as she was to live.

EW.COM: The Golden Globes are BACK.

SUBSTACK: If you're into old movies and Hitchock in particular, you'll love John Calendo's serialized Movieland!

Get Verti-going!(Image via John Calendo)

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Plus, the cover is a totally unseen 1984 image! (Image © Andrew Caulfield/AUGUST/

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