‘General Hospital’ Star Faces Cancer, Brooke Shields Name-Checks Trump & Madonna and More

September 20, 2023

Links to the past, with relevance today ....

The actor's optimism is inspiring. (Images via video still/headshot)

PEOPLE: General Hospital's John J. York, 64, has been diagnosed with two forms of cancer — but he is approaching it as another new challenge to fix.

NYT: Brooke Shields, at 58, is more than ready to sing "I'm Still Here," but did not, in her new cabaret act at Café Carlyle in NYC. Favorite pull-quote to summarize her uniquely American, late-20th Century career: "I performed at Sea World. With Lucille Ball." She also had hilarious responses when meeting Bette Davis ("Hi, I'm Brooke Shields." "Yes, you are.") and Madonna ("Oh, you.").

Keep it up, Jack! (Image via video still)

DAILY BEAST: RFK Jr.'s nuts, Eric Clapton's nuts, but Stephen Stills ... just wishes he wasn't in that picture. P.S. Second cousin Jack Schlossberg isn't impressed with RFK Jr., either, and mom Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg says of that opinion, "It's not complicated."

YOUTUBE: Rare footage from BTS of the Madonna Pepsi ad from 1989. The ad was famously scotched when her "Like a Prayer" music video generated more controversy than the soda maker could bear, but has recently been reclaimed by Pepsi.

NYT: Robert Klane, who wrote Weekend at Bernie's (1989), dies at 81.

A classic good-bad movie (GIF via GIPHY)

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