Surviving Members of TV Shows — in Pictures

I've always been the morbid type. Even as a kid, I would watch old movies and TV shows and zero in on, "Which of these people is still alive?"

Three's Company: Joyce DeWitt is the last of this bunch, though other cast members from other years remain. (Image via ABC)

Now that we have lost most TV stars of the '40s and earlier, and now that stars of the '50s and '60s are in their 80s, 90s or past 100 — if they're alive! — I think about it even more.

I Love Lucy: Keith Thibodeaux aka Little Ricky remains. (Image via CBS)

What follows is a visual list of famous TV casts. I'm not trying to be all-inclusive of EVERYONE who appeared on a show, and am instead trying to focus as much as free stills allow on main casts.


At a glance, you can tell who is still with us if they're in color. Those in black-and-white are only available in reruns ...

Gilligan's Island: Tina Louise aka Ginger has outlived THE REST. (Image via CBS)
Sadly, a clean sweep for Green Acres. (Image via CBS)
The Addams Family: Frighteningly enough, only John Astin aka Gomez remains. (Image via ABC)
The Munsters: Butch Patrick aka Eddie and Pat Priest aka Marilyn are hanging (upside down?) in there. (Image via CBS)
The Larry Sanders Show debuted 30 years ago, and has lost its two main stars. (Image via HBO)
Sanford & Son: Fifty years on, most of the cast is gone, though Lynn Hamilton aka Donna endures and that dummy is still with us, too! (Image via NBC)
We just lost the first It's a Living waitress in 2022. (Image via ABC)
Damn! Damn! Damn! But in spite of two major losses, most of Good Times is here! (Image via CBS)
Max Baer Jr. aka Jethro is alive at 85. (Image via CBS)
Mork & Mindy: Only Pam Dawber aka Mindy is here on Earth. (Image via ABC)
Hopefully, these two Price Is Right icons did not "come on down"! (Image via CBS)
(Image via CBS)
Only Julie Kavner aka Brenda is around from the main Rhoda and Mary Tyler Moore casts combined, though minor MTM actors are with us. (Image via CBS)
Bosom Buddies debuted in 1980, and we've lost two of its lovable cast members — Peter Scolari & Wendie Jo Sperber. (Image via ABC)
Dallas: There are many others who were a part of the cast, but the initial main cast is not doing terribly poorly for having debuted in the '70s. (Image via CBS)
The Brady Bunch: I've got all my sisters (and brothers) with me! (Image via ABC)
I wonder if fans realize two of the Partridge Family kids have already died? (Image via ABC)
(Image via NBC)
Little House on the Prairie had a cast of thousands, and has a mixed record of dead vs. alive. (Image via NBC)
I met Charlotte Rae aka Mrs. Garrett prior to her death. I hope the girls live forever! (Image via NBC)
Happy Days: Sad to see dad and daughter aligned in death. (Image via ABC)
Hill Street Blues: Even some of the ones who were careful out there haven't made the cut. (Image via NBC)
Angie: Debralee Scott's early death crushed me. (Image via ABC)
The Cosby Show: An incredible 39 years after its debut, this classic's entire cast is intact. (Image via NBC)
Have debuted in 1977, The Love Boat was, until Gavin MacLeod's death, one of the oldest with an intact cast. (Image via ABC)
The Honeymooners: An extremely rare '50s series with a survivor — 99-year-old Joyce Randolph aka Trixie! (Image via CBS)
Laverne & Shirley: To Michael McKean aka Lenny, we say HELLO! (Image via ABC)
I Dream of Jeannie: Barbara Eden is a surviving TV icon with some of Jeannie's longevity! If only we could bottle it ... (Image via CBS)
Welcome Back, Kotter: No longer a full class. (Image via ABC)
Sad so many of the The Jeffersons cast is gone, but happy we have Marla Gibbs aka Florence and Berlinda Tolbert aka Jenny! (Image via CBS)
Lost in Space: Sadly, I had to update this one after Mark Goddard aka Don West's death. (Image via CBS)
M*A*S*H: The Korean War lasted forever on the long-running series, and some of the cast is following suit in real life. (Image via CBS)
Dynasty's cast is particularly long-lived so far. (Image via ABC)
Benson: Over the past few years, this talented cast has shrunk steadily. (Image via ABC)
Father Knows Best: For a show that debuted 69 years ago, it's remarkable that all three kids from the show are with us. (Image via CBS)
Charlie's Angels: Of the early-years main cast, David Doyle aka Bosley, Jill Munroe aka Farrah Fawcett & the unseen John Forsythe aka Charlie are not-so-mysteriously absent (Image via ABC)
Taxi: It debuted in 1978 and is only missing one main cast member, but he died nearly 40 years ago. (Image via ABC)
All in the Family: We tend to think of Archie (Carroll O'Connor) & Edith (Jean Stapleton) as having been older than their years. (Image via CBS)
Please Don't Eat the Daisies: The sitcom that debuted in 1965 had a living main cast until Kim Tyler died in 2021. (Image via NBC)
Maude: Maude aka Bea Arthur and some of her castmates are with God. (Image via CBS)
The Golden Girls: One of the most crushing B&W photos on this post (Image via NBC)

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