Anita Baker vs. Camera, Biggest Babs Collection Is a Burden & More

December 18, 2023

Links to the past, with relevance today:

INSTAGRAM: Anita Baker, 65, had a rough, rough concert this week. She only did a few songs, forgot words and, well, did THIS to fans (above).

Sam, you made the archive too big! (Image via Cartelera Turia)

L.A. TIMES: Every collector over 50 begins to ponder, "What is my end game?" As a collector of Madonna and also of gay beefcake imagery/ephemera (and autographs), I think about this a lot. The act of acquiring is the fun part, and while it is a joy-filled pastime, it does pass too MUCH time. And costs a lot of money. But this piece on the death of a man who apparently owned the world's largest Streisand collection is fascinating to me. It's lovely that while it's a pain in the butt for his daughter, she is still appreciative of his devotion.

"Granny-to-be!" (Image via video still)

PEOPLE: Katie Couric's surprised reaction to being told she'll soon become a grandmother is pretty hilarious.

EXTRATV: Matthew Perry's death was due to a ketamine overdose in his hot tub. While used for therapy — and he described this in his book — it is also, of course, called Special K and used recreationally. To have as much in his system as he did, he clearly overdosed, either intentionally or not, and doing so in a body of water made it all the more lethal. Just so sad.

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