Billy Dee Williams Almost Got Brandoed, Ageless Jennifer Beals & More

February 10, 2024

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Billy Dee in his prime is Billy Dee AT ANY TIME. (Image via vintage still)

EW.COM: Billy Dee Williams has been around long enough that he recalls being hit on by Marlon Brando. He wasn't offended — but doesn't swing that way.

You can't spell "Fonz" without "Oz." (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Because koalas are cool, and I'm never wr-wr-wr.

EXTRATV: Dolly Parton reveals what her husband did for her on her 78th birthday.

YOUTUBE: Does anyone on Earth look younger at 60 than Jennifer Beals does?

PEOPLE: Ozzy Osbourne knows what's what — he has firmly and publicly rejected any offer to use his work by Kanye West, a raving anti-Semite.

THR: For those interested in Truman Capote and his famous (infamous?) swans, the latest installment of Feud leaves a lot to be desired. Plus, it's mostly just made up.

DO YOU REMEMBER?: The actual first Bram Stoker-inspired vampire film to have been made was not Nosferatu, but a lost Austrian film entitled Drakula halála (1921). On IMDb, 80% liked the movie — which doesn't exist anymore, so they're lying.

Sucks to be you. (Image via Wikipedia)

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