‘Poor Things’ X ‘Metropolis,’ an Open ‘Back to the Future’ Secret, History of the Pyramid Club & More!

March 23, 2024

Links to the past, with relevance today:


Over on Instagram, cinematologist has compiled this compelling side-by-side of "Poor Things" (2023) and one of its inspirations, clearly, "Metropolis" (1927). "Metropolis" is one of the most important films ever made, and one of the most influential and visionary. "Poor Things" pays homage without remaking. Go follow cinematologist for other intelligent viewpoints on film. #poorthings #emmastone #yorgoslanthimos #metropolis #fritzlang #movies

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Old Lang signs

TIKTOK: @cinematologist over on Instagram has crafted a short but compelling argument that while Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935) are clearly the main sources of inspiration for the 2023 Oscar-winning film Poor Things, perhaps Metropolis (1927) was also in the mix!

Late night with the li'l devil ... (Image via Pyramid)

DAZED DIGITAL: Dazed takes a sneak peek at We Started a Nightclub: Birth of the Pyramid Cocktail Lounge as Told by Those Who Lived It, a book coming from Damiani/Some Serious Business. The legendary hot spot was a total scene, and its influence is felt to this day.

It was a mood. (Image via Damiani)

SHINE ON HOLLYWOOD: I Had a Ball author Michael Stern, widely recognized as Lucille Ball's biggest fan, is profiled.

Michael and Lucy were closer than Lucy and Viv! (Image via Shine on Hollywood)

EXTRATV: Elton John gives a rare status update on his TWO upcoming Broadway musicals, now that he is officially retired from touring.

PEOPLE: Michael Jackson's mom Katherine Jackson is 93 years of age and still fighting for a chunk of his estate — and as of now, her biggest challenge is her own grandson, Blanket aka Bigi, 22.

FACEBOOK: I must say, I never knew this! Movie and Entertainment Sphere on Facebook documents the apparently widely known fact that that is NOT Crispin Glover in the Back to the Future sequels, and that he sued because the filmmakers — wishing not to work with him again — hired another actor to replace him, and simply used latex and other prosthetics to pretend Glover had returned. The prosthetics were made for the first film as part of the hard work of presenting Dad McFly as an older man, and were clearly misused. He won a settlement.

Interestingly, the actor who took over the part, Jeffrey Weissman, has replied to the thread, writing, in part:

"My understanding is thatGlover asked for a million to reprise the role.I was brought in in the eleventh hour and not told that the studio didn’t secure rights for use of his life mask in the makeups. When I learned this from Glover, I let Glover use my photos for his case."

Glover and Glover? (Images via Movie and Entertainment Sphere)

NYT: RIP Laurent de Brunhoff, 98. For 70 years, he was the man behind Babar, created by his late dad, Jean (1899-1937), in 1931.

Babar has been with us nearly 100 years. (Image via Penguin Random House)

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