New Book Traces How ‘Mommie Dearest’ Got Made

March 27, 2024

We all love Mommie Dearest, right?

(Image via Chicago Review Press)

Well, maybe not all of us. The film was a critical disaster in 1981, and seems to have singlehandedly mortally wounded Faye Dunaway's previously flawless career.

Nonetheless, it was a box-office hit — it earned five times its budget worldwide — that has become a cult-classic, if a camp classic.

Now, author A. Ashley Hoff is offering a tantalizing oral history of the film. With Love, Mommie Dearest: The Making of an Unintentional Camp Classic collects brand-new interviews (no, not with Faye) with people who were involved in the film's making in order to "explore the phenomenon, the camp, and the very real social issues addressed by [Christina Crawford's memoir] and film."

Check it out here.

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