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Mike Henry, Brawny Tarzan & Junior Justice, Dies @ 84

On January 8, actor Mike Henry died at 84 more than three decades after retiring due to encroaching Parkinson's disease. A swingin' career (Image via AIP) According to reports, he died of Parkinson's and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. He had been a pro football player from 1958-1964 for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Los Angeles Rams,…
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Past & Curious: Nutty Baseball Card, ‘Dr. Quinn’ Reunion & More!

Links to the past with relevance today: Ball! (Image via ProCards) ESPN: The story off Keith Comstock (b. 1955), the guy who took a baseball to the groin in the funniest baseball card ever made. Cotton flicker (GIF by Mike Ruiz) KENNETH IN THE (212): Josie Cotton, 63, returns with "Ukrainian Cowboy." MY NEW PLAID…
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