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Remembering Mr. Trebek, Ivana This To Be Over, Ferrigno’s 69 & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today: The man with all the ... questions. (Image via video still) EXTRATV: Friends remember Alex Trebek, who died at 80 on Saturday, including some warm words from 90-year-old Ed Asner. https://youtu.be/BogIUakQOl4 CBS THIS MORNING: Could 85-year-old Sophia Loren be heading toward another Oscar?! Still loving her ... (Image…
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10 Ultimate Classic Games & Toys, ’60s-’80s

What you played with as a child shaped who you are today. I know this is true because I approach every dilemma as if I'm in a Choose Your Own Adventure Book, or as if I am wending my way through the Ravenloft module of Dungeons & Dragons. Following are some '70s and '80s toys…
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