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Marilyn Forever, Tom Petty’s Family Warns Trump & More — Past & Curious

Links to the past, with relevance today: Marilyn scratches an Itch (Image via 20th Century Fox) RICK'S REAL/REEL LIFE: Remembering The Seven Year Itch (1955), one of Marilyn's best. THR: The Tom Petty Estate, and his family, are pissed off that Trump used "I Won't Back Down" at his rally. https://twitter.com/tompetty/status/1274527971513004033?s=20 How could anyone who…
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Past & Curious: Bulging with Talent, ‘Jaws’-Dropping & More!

Links to the past with relevance today: Roy Thinnes (b. 1938) looking rather thickes (Image via movie still) POSEIDON'S DEPTHS: This mega-post on mens' bulges throughout TV and movie history could put your eye out! Then there is this glimpse from 1987! He had it all ... (Image via movie still) METROGRAPH: Bogie's platform shoes!…
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