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‘Midnight Cowboy’ Scene-Stealer Sylvia Miles Dies @ 94

Sylvia Miles, a New Yawk personality who parlayed her inimitably brassy delivery into two Best Supporting Actress nominations — with a combined total of 14 minutes on the screen — has died. She was 94. Deliciously evil in Evil Under the Sun (GIF via GIPHY) Prominent writer Michael Musto reported her passing, just a day after…
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Past & Curious: Grandpa Robby, Marla Is Overcoming & More!

Links to the past with relevance today: Teenage heartthrob now "Gramps"! (Images via tear sheets) CLOSER: Robby Benson is now 63 ... and a proud grandpa! Well, shoot! (GIF via GIPHY) EW: Harrison Ford, 70, says "nobody" should be the next Indiana Jones. Asked and boulder-crushed! I'd like to blow out those tan lines! BOY…
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