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Earl Boen, Instantly Recognizable Character Actor, Dies @ 81

It's hard to believe the late character actor Earl Boen was only 81; he has seemed to be everywhere for so long, I assumed he was 10 years older. Another Seinfeld guest star has died. (Image via video still) In fact, the hard-working thesp worked on the stage as a teen in the '50s until…
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Biehn Too Long, Classic Commercials & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today: Biehn was suh-mokin'! (GIF via GIPHY) THR: Don't miss this long, long Q&A with Michael Biehn, 63, who speaks about how his role in The Terminator (1984) came about, saying his first reaction to the script and to the news that an Austrian bodybuilder was attached was decidedly…
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Dick Miller of ‘Gremlins,’ ‘Fame’ Dies @ 90

Just a month after turning 90, longtime character actor Dick Miller has died, according to Variety. He had actual Gremlins in his cab! (Image via Warner Bros.) A familiar face in films ranging from cult classics to blockbusters, Miller made his name in Roger Corman (b. 1926) and Joe Dante (b. 1946) films — and…
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