‘The Village Voice’ Ends Print Edition

The Village Voice is ending its print edition. Above is the cover I loved most as a college kid in Chicago. Have carried it around for 25 years. And counting.

Via Joe.My.God.The Voice's last print edition was, Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

The Voice, through the years (All images in this post via The Village Voice)

Going forward, the publication — around since 1955 — will be digital-only.

I always saw The Voice as a gay publication. As Joe notes, the personals in the back were gayer than Jeff Sessions tidying up his kitchen. The articles were a reflection of a liberal and gay-inclusive world into which I hoped to fit, and Michael Musto's column had me seeing stars where there were none.

Michael Musto as Angelina Jolie, "Tan Mom" & Madonna on/in The Voice

Print is dying faster than Old Hollywood movie stars!

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